36 Tips Every Evernote User Must Know

Once you’ve got a few items saved, it pays to switch to a paid Evernote…

Once you’ve got a few items saved, it pays to switch to a paid Evernote account. Otherwise you can only upload so much—60 megabytes worth of files per month, at a 25MB per note maximum. Worse, without upgrading, you can only sync your notes with 2 devices (as of August 2016 for current users)—note that Evernote Web does NOT count as one of those devices. The limit only pertains to the mobile apps and desktop programs.

The Plus tier includes unlimited devices, offline access, 1GB of uploads per month, larger individual note sizes, and syncing with mobile apps—you can even save your emails into Evernote with Plus. That costs $34.99 per year (an increase of 10 dollars since 2015).

The Premium tier was $50, but has jumped up to $69.99 a year. For that, you get it all: 10GB of uploads, turns notes into presentations, PDF annotation, and searches inside attachments (even MS Office docs).

Business, of course, costs a lot more: $12 per month per user (so $144 per year) on the team. But that comes with all of the above plus more, which you can read about in our review.

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